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6. Writing Arabic

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10. My name is Issam

11. My local coffeeshop

12. Swedish women

13. Alexandria's beaches

14. Fixing cars

15. Islam & Christianity

16. Quit smoking?

17. Mountains of cookies

18. My marriage

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What is Arabic?

Arabic is one of the world's largest languages, as well as an important language to religion and literature. Arabic is the writing language of more than 200 million people, but spoken Arabic varies more than it does for most other languages, and Arabic-speaking Moroccans might not be able to talk easily with Arabic-speaking Yemenis.
Arabic is written with its own alphabet — and yes, it is an alphabet, just like the Latin alphabet is one — which is called Arabic alphabet. Arabic alphabet consists of 28 letters, and is written from right to the left. The shape and structure of the letters, make it natural to write Arabic in this direction.
Arabic is difficult to learn, and later to remember, but not because of reasons that spring most people to mind. Arabic writing is easily learned, and Arabic grammar is simpler and more logical than many Western languages.
But the great challenge with Arabic, is the wealth of words. The use of verbs and nouns in Arabic has reached a level of accuracy which few Western languages can match.
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By Tore Kjeilen