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1. Orientations
a. Figures
2. Koran
3. Theology
4. Concept of divine
5. Sharia
6. Muhammad
7. Cult and Festivals
8. Mecca
9. Cultic personalities
10. Caliph
11. Structures
12. Popular religion
13. Others
14. Calendar

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Islam / Shi'i / Twelvers / Imam /
Muhammad al-Baqir
Arabic: 'abû ja¢fari muhammadi bni ¢alî

Communal grave of 4 of the Shi'i imams.
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Alleged communal grave of 4 of the Shi'i imams in Madina, Saudi Arabia. In the larger one, from left to right:
Ali Zayn al-Abidin;
Muhammad al-Baqir;
Jafar as-Sadiq.
The single is of Muhammad's daughter, Fatima.

(676-743?) Fifth Imam (712/3-743?) of Twelver tradition of Shi'i Islam and Isma'ili .
Muhammad al-Baqir spent his life in contemplation and religious studies, avoiding active involvement in the politics of his time. He is remembered primarily for his religious and juridical teachings, his pious wisdom, and for counseling his brother Zayyid against open rebellion.
His body was buried at al-Baqi cemetery in Medina. He was succeeded by Jafar as Sadiq.

By D. Josiya Negahban