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Abullah bni Zubayr
Arabic: ¢abdu llahi bni z-zubayr

(624-692) Rebel caliph controlling the original heart land of the Muslim world from 680-692. He was seated in Mecca in Hijaz.
Abdullah was a good military leader, but he never managed to exploit the weak position of the earliest Umayyad caliphs, to create a stable support for his own caliphate. Usually omitted from the caliph lists of Islam, he controlled more land and power than some of the official caliphs from the Umayyad dynasty.

624: Born in Madina as son of Zubayr, and nephew of Khadija.
— Is active in many military campaigns, primarily against the Byzantines and Sassanids.
651: Is central in compiling an official version of the Koran.
680: Yazid 1 becomes new caliph, but Abdullah does accept his claim to the caliphate. Abdullah goes back to Hijaz and declares himself caliph.
Early 680's: Challenging Yazid 1, Abdullah manages to take control over much of southern Arabia, parts of Syria, central areas of Mesopotamia and parts of Egypt.
683: Yazid attacks Abdullah's territories, particularly Mecca, but Yazid dies before finishing.
685: Caliph Marwan takes control over Abdullah's possessions in Egypt and Syria.
685: Khariji rebellions in Mesopotamia destroys Abdullah's control here.
692: Abdullah is killed in a battle with the Umayyad troops, and his caliphate comes to an end.

By Tore Kjeilen