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Amr Diab
Arabic: ¢amruw ¢abdi l-bāsit diyāb

Amr Diab.
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Amr Diab.

Amr Diab.
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Music examples
Habibi (1996)
Tamally Maak (2000)
Wu He Amla Eh (2000)
Ya Kenzi (2003)
Studio albums
Ya Tareeq 1983
Ghani Min Albak 1984
Hala Hala 1986
Khalseen 1987
Mayaal 1988
Shawakna 1989
Matkhafish 1990
Habibi 1991
Ice Cream Fe Gleem 1992
Ayamna 1992
Ya Omrena 1993
Zekrayat 1994
We Yloumouni 1994
Ragein 1995
Nour el Ain 1996
Awedony 1998
Amarain 1999
Tamally Maak 2000
Aktar Wahed 2001
Aliem Alby 2003
Leily Nahary 2004
Kammel Kalamak 2005

(1961-) Egyptian singer and songwriter, one of the most popular in the Arab world.
Amr Diab has a public image according to Western patterns, in everything from clothes to nightlife. Still, his music belongs to the Egyptian streetstyle known as al-gil. It remains close to the traditional Arabic styles, even though incorporating Western rhythms.
Amr Diab has grown to become an international phenomenon, and has received several prizes for his achievements.
His 1996 album Nour el Ain is the best-selling album ever by an Arab artist.
He has cooperated at occasions with the Algerian musician, Khaled.

1961 October 11: Born in Port Said into a wealthy family.
1968: Six years old, he sings on Egyptian radio, and is highly praised.
1983. Releases his debut album, Ya Tareeq, which becomes an instant hit.
1986: Graduates from the Cairo Academy of Art.
1996: He gets great international success with Habibi, also in Western countries. It goes no. 1 in India, Argentina, Chile, France and South Africa.

By Tore Kjeilen