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The highest god in Mesopotamian religions. In general, An was a god that played little role in myths or cult. He was regarded as a distant force.

Sumerian religion
In Sumerian religion, An was the god of heaven, and theoretically the highest god. But he also assumes a minor role in the myths, hymns and cult. An's main cult centre was Uruk.
An's name is written as a star, which denotes both heaven and god. His holy city was Erech.

Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian religions
In Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian religion, An's name became semitificated into Anu.
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Hittite religion
In Hittite religion, Anu deposed Alalu, who was the first king in heaven. Then there was a war between the god Kumarbi and Anu. Yet it was not Anu, but rather Kumarbi's son, Teshub, the weather god, who overcame Kumarbi.

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