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Goddess of love and war, revered in West Semitic religions, especially in Canaanite and Phoenician religions.
Anat was according to information from the ancient Syrian town Ugarit the most active of the goddesses. She is called "Queen of Heaven, Lady of the Gods" (see Heaven). In Ugarit she is also referred to as a virgin, even if she sometimes is described as sexually active.
Anath is usually described as a young girl, and a most vigorous goddess and aggressive against her enemies. When she is depicted, it is with a helmet, a battle axe and a spear.
Anath was the sister and helper of Baal. Her main role in myths is in helping her brother from death and resurrect him from the netherworld. Her acts resemble much those of the Egyptian goddess Isis, searching for her husband Osiris.
Anath became the favoured goddess of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Ramses 2. In Egyptian context, Anath is represented nude, often standing on top of a lion with flowers in her hands.
In a Hellenistic context, Anath merged with Astarte to form one deity, Atargatis.

By Tore Kjeilen