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Anglo-Iraqi Treaty of 1930

A re-drafted agreement based upon the 1922 treaty, and taking into consideration the change in Iraq's importance after the oil finds in 1927.
The treaty assured independence in most areas, and Iraq's membership in the League of Nations was supported by Britain. Nevertheless, British troops were stationed on Iraqi soil, with British assurance of protecting Iraq against foreign attack. The single time British troops had to defend Iraq was against the coup attempted by prime minister Rashid Ali Gailani in 1941.
The treaty was signed for 25 years duration. Even after the official mandate was ended in October 1932, and Iraq gained formal independence, the treaty continued to be effective.
The British tried to make a 3rd agreement in 1948 in place of the 1930 treaty, but this was met with heavy demonstrations in Iraq. The only result of the renegotiations, was that the 1930 treaty was abrogated, but not replaced.

By Tore Kjeilen