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Persia / Achaemenid Dynasty /
Also called: Artaxerxes 4 Arses

(?-336 BCE) King of Persia 338-336 BCE, belonging to the Achaemenid dynasty.
Arses was placed on the throne after the vizier and head eunuch Bagoas had murdered older members of the king's family. But after a couple of years, Arses tried to take control of power, and was himself murdered.
Arses' reign was dominated by the destructive conflict with Macedonia, which under his successor, Darius 3, would lead to the demise of the Achaemenid dynasty.

Around 360 BCE?: Born as the youngest son of King Artaxerxes 3 and Atossa.
338: Artaxerxes 3 and most of his sons are murdered by Bagoas. Bagoas puts Arses on the throne, believing that he will be able to control the young man.
— Persia is in reality ruled by Bagoas, with King Arses as little more than his puppet.
336: Arses start planning for the killing of Bagoas. Bagoas learns about the plans, and has Arses poisoned, together with his children. The distant relative, Codomannus is put on the throne, taking the royal name Darius 3.

By Tore Kjeilen