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Other spelling: Assur

Relief from 9th or 8th century BCE.
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Relief from 9th or 8th century BCE. This representation has great similarities with that of the god of Zoroastrianism; Ahura Mazda.

God in Assyrian religion, in particular related to the capital of the Old Assyrian kingdom, also called Ashur. Whether Ashur gave name to the city, or the other way, cannot be determined.
He was the main Assyrian god, and an identifying god of theirs, only the Assyrians revered Ashur, whereas most of the Assyrian religion was a continuation of former Mesopotamian religions.
Ashur could be represented in several ways, but often as a circle or wheel. This should not be confused with the sun disc, which was the symbol of Shamash, although there are examples of the sun being used for Ashur as well.
Assyrian priests attempted around 1300 BCE to replace Marduk, the Babylonian god, in Enuma Elish with Ashur.
Many Assyrian kings included the name Ashur in theirs, like Ashurbanipal; Ashurnasirpal 1; and Ashurnasirpal 2.

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