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1. Geography
2. Political situation
3. Economy
a. Figures
4. Health
5. Education
a. Universities
6. Media
7. Demographics
8. Religions
a. Freedom
9. Peoples
10. Languages
11. History
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Index / Education
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Universities in Bahrain

Bahrain presently has 5 universities, corresponding to a university density of 1:150,000 inhabitants, placing Bahrain as no. 1 of 22 in the MENA region.
Bahrain had a small boom of local establishments in the early 2000's, until 2001, there was only one university in the country. Most higher institutions are located to Manama. Exceptions are AMA International with its campus in nearby Salmabad, and the Arab Open University in Ar-Rifa.
Formerly, another institution was called "university", the Medical University of Bahrain, but it has now changed name to Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.
The Ministry of Education states in the annual report of 2006, that there are 12 private universities, but LookLex has not been able to find more than 3 that use the designation "university".
None of Bahrain's university make it to the list over the world's 6000 best universities, according to Webometrics, making Bahrain the only high-GDP per capita country in the world without one.

  • Ahlia University, Manama. Est. 2001. Private
  • Arabian Gulf University, Manama. Est. 1979.
  • University of Bahrain, Manama. Est. 1986.
  • AMA International University, Salmabad. Est. 2002. Private
  • Arab Open University, Ar-Rifa. Est. 2002. Private

  • By Tore Kjeilen