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Bocchus 1
Other spelling: Bocchos; Bacchus

(Died 80) King of Mauretania 118-80 BCE.
He was also father-in-law of Numidian king, Jugurtha, whom he eventually betrayed.
There is no good data indicating whether Bocchus was the first king of Mauretania, or if there were kings before him.

118 B: Bocchus 1 becomes king.
111 BCE: Bocchus enters an alliance with Rome.
105: Roman commander, Marius, manages to make an agreement with Bocchus 1 to set up a trap for Jugurtha, allowing the Romans to capture Jugurtha. Much of Numidia is transferred to Bocchus.
80: Dies, and is succeeded by two sons, Bocchus 2 and Bogud who has the kingdom divided between them.

By Tore Kjeilen