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Bocchus 2
Other spelling: Bocchos; Bacchus

(Died 33 BCE) King of Mauretania, its eastern half, 80-38 BCE, a united Mauretania 38-33 BCE, in total 47 years.

Very late 2nd or early 1st century BCE: Born as son of King Bocchus 1.
80: With the death of his father, Bocchus becomes king over eastern Mauretania. His brother, Bogud, becomes ruler of the ruler of the western part of Mauretania.
46: Bocchus is given most of Numidia, in gratitude for his support of the Roman Julius Caesar in the war against Pompey and the senate.
44: With the death of Caesar, Bocchus and Bogud find themselves on opposite sides in a new war: Bocchus supporting Octavian (later Emperor Augustus) and Bogud supporting Mark Antony.
38: Bocchus enters Bogud's territory, seizing control, while Bogud is off to Spain.
33: Bocchus dies, and Mauretania becomes a Roman province.

By Tore Kjeilen