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Coin of Bogud. Note that elephant 'hat'.
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Coin of Bogud. Note that elephant 'hat'.

(Lived 1st century BCE) King of Mauretania, its western half, 80-38 BCE. altogether 42 years. After he lost his throne in 38 and fled to refuge with Mark Antony, there is no more information about his life.

Very late 2nd or early 1st century BCE: Born as son of King Bocchus 1.
80: With the death of his father, Bogud becomes king over western Mauretania, while his brother, Bocchus 2, becomes ruler of the eastern part of Mauretania.
44: With the death of Caesar, Bocchus and Bogud find themselves on opposite sides in a new war: Bocchus supporting Octavian (later Emperor Augustus) and Bogud supporting Mark Antony.
38: Bocchus enters Bogud's territory, seizing control, while Bogud is off to Spain. Bogud takes refuge with Mark Antony in the east.

By Tore Kjeilen