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Mohammed Boudiaf
Arabic: muhammad abū diyāf

Mohammed Boudiaf

Mohammed Boudiaf.

(1919-1992) Algerian president 1992, formally as "chairman" of the High State Committee (HCE) of Algeria 1992, remaining in office for less than 6 months.
As president, Boudiaf spoke out against both the atrocities and the anti-democratic ideology of the islamists, as well as against the corrupt administration of Algeria. He wanted to form a new National Assembly consisting of moderate politicians. Due to his short time in office, nothing of this materialized.

1919 June 23: Born in M'sila.
1940-45: Fights during the World War 2 in the French army.
1949: Is one of the co-founders of the Organisation Speciale.
1954: Joins the FLN.
1956 October 22: Arrested by French authorities.
1962: Released from prison, and he becomes Deputy Prime Minister in Ben Bella's administration.
— Forms a new party, Party of the Socialist Revolution.
1963 June 21: Is arrested.
1964: Goes into exile in Morocco.
1992 January 16: After having been invited back to Algeria, he becomes chairman of the High State Committee, the ruling body of Algeria during the Algerian Civil War.
— Soon, Boudiaf acts against both the Islamists and the corrupt leadership of the country.
June 29: Is assassinated in Annaba by one member of the presidential guard, Lembarek Boumaarafi. Boudiaf is succeeded by Ali Kafi.
1995 June: Boumaarafi is sentenced to death.

By Tore Kjeilen