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Boufarik, Algeria

Boufarik, Algeria

Town in northern Algeria with 75,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), in between seasonal rivers on the irrigated Mitidja plain, and in the vicintiy of the capital Algiers, in Blida province.
The economy of Boufarik is mainly the local agriculture, which produces grapes, citrus fruits, cereals, tobacco and truck crops. Locally grown flowers are used to produce perfume. There is also production of wine and the raising of cattle.
Boufarik has excellent connections with the rest of Algeria, due to its close proximity to Algiers. It is connected with the capital through a highway, 30 km southwest of the capital.
Boufarik is built on a rectangular plan with straight and shaded streets. There are some charming colonial-style buildings.

1836: Founded by the French governor Bertran Clauzel in an area of malarial swampland. A vast programme for modern cultivation starts.

By Tore Kjeilen