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Persian: būkān

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Ruins of an assumed temple from 8th and 7th century BCE, near Bukan, Iran

Ruins of what is assumed to be a temple from 8th and 7th century BCE, near Bukan.

City in northwestern Iran with 170,000 inhabitants (2009 estimate), in West Azerbaijan province, at an elevation of 1,300 metres. It is located along the Siminarud river.
The economy is largely linked to agriculture, like wheat, barley and other cereals, sugar beets, tobacco, and some summer crops and the raising of livestock.
Mahabad is 55 km northwest.
The population are largely Kurds, speaking the Sorani dialect of Kurdish.

1946: Bukan becomes part of the Kurdistan Republic of Mahabad, which was dismantled before the end of the year.
1952: The region of Bukan is centre for a new Kurdish revolt, which is brutally suppressed by the army

By Tore Kjeilen