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Cheb Mami
Real name: Muhammad Khelifati

Cheb Mami.
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Cheb Mami.

Cheb Mami studio album from 2003.
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Studio album from 2003.

Music examples
Ana Mazel (1989)
Desert Rose (2000, with Sting)
Viens Habibi (2001)
Notable studio albums
Prince of Rai 1989
Let Me Raï 1991
Saida 1994
Douni El Bladi 1996
Meli Meli 1999
Dellali 2001
Du Sud au Nord 2003

(1966-) Algerian singer and songwriter, belonging to the Raï tradition.
He is presently the most influential of his own country, gradually winning his position on the international scene. He has come to cooperate with a few of the world's most popular artists, Sting being the most important of these.

1966: Born in Saïda, Algeria.
1982: Makes his first public appearance in a TV-competition, being enthusiastically received by the audience.
— Cheb Mami makes his first recordings. Over the next 4 years he would record 10 cassettes, all selling well on the Algerian market.
1989: Publishes Prince of Rai, his first international album.
2000: In a cooperation with Sting, Cheb Mami has an international hit with Desert Rose.

By Tore Kjeilen