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Byzantine Empire /
Constantine 3
Full name: Heraclius Constantine

(612-641) Byzantine co-emperor for only 4 months in 641, together with his brother, Heraclonas.
Throughout his short reign, he only used Heraclius Constantine. The designation "Constantine 3" was given to him by his son, Constans 2.
His reign was too short to allow him any important decisions. His only achievement was to have secured that Constans 2 became emperor later the same year as he died.

612 May 3: Born as son of Emperor Heraclius and his first wife, Eudocia.
613 January 22: Crowned co-emperor to his father.
629 or 630: Marries Gregoria, a close relative.
630 November 7: A son is born, Constans, the future emperor.
641: February 11: Herclius dies, and Constantine 3 becomes emperor together with his half-brother, Heraclonas.
April 20 or late May: Dies from tuberculosis, leaving Heraclonas sole ruler.

By Tore Kjeilen