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Byzantine Empire /
Constantine 8

(Around 960-1028) Byzantine emperor 1025-1028, 2 years and 11 months.
He was also emperor for 3 months in 963, but then only a 2 year old child. Officially, he remained emperor, but other persons were acting in his place, Nicephorus 2, John 1 and Basil 2.
After a long life of decadence, Constantine proved to be an unable ruler, when becoming emperor at the age of about 65 years. He avoided his duties and appointed incapable officials. His politics was strongly governed by his emotions, and he easily resorted to cruelty, often with the execution and mutilation of innocents as a result.
His favourite activities were hunting, riding and watching sports at the Hippodrome of Constantinople.

Around 960: Born as son of Emperor Romanus 2 and Theophano.
962: Crowned co-emperor with his father and brother.
963 March 15: Romanus dies and Constantine becomes emperor together with his 6 year old brother, Basil. The regency was left in the hands of their mother, Theophano, still only 20 years old, while the eunuch, Joseph Bringas, was in charge of the affairs of the state.
August 16: With the aid of Theophano and a popular revolt, Nicephorus is crowned new emperor. Formally, Constantine and Basil keep their positions.
976 December 10: His brother, Basil, becomes acting emperor. Constantine is formally crowned co-emperor.
1025 December 15: His brother, Basil dies childless, making Constantine emperor at the age of about 65 years old.
1028 November 11: Dies. He has arranged that his daughter, Zoe, succeeds him and marries the Eparch of Constantinople, Romanus 3 Argyrus.

By Tore Kjeilen