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Also called: Dagon

Temple of Dagan, Ugarit, Syria.
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Temple of Dagan, Ugarit, Syria.

God of crop fertility, revered in West Semitic religions, including Canaanite and Phoenician religions.
Dagan was a very central deity from around 2500 BCE until 1500 BCE, when many of his powers were transferred to his son, Baal.
His name, "Dagan", was in both Hebrew and Ugaritic language the word for "grain".
Dagan was among the most important gods revered in cult centres as Ugarit, where he had an important temple. It appears that here he was for long periods of time second in the pantheon only to El.
According to the Bible, he was also a very popular god in Asher, Gaza and Ashdod. He was known at other cult centres as Aliyan Baal.
According to the myths, Dagan was the inventor of the plough.

By Tore Kjeilen