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Open map of SyriaFlag of SyriaSyria / Flag for the French Mandate of SyriaFrench Mandate
Damascus State
French: État de Damas
Arabic: dawla dimashq

Flag of Damascus State.

Letter sent from Damascus in 1921.
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In most of southern Syria, state under French control 1920-1924, as defined by the League of Nations.
The state was largely defined to Damascus and its historical hinterland. The capital of the state was also Damascus. In addition, the state included the cities and regions of Homs and Hama together with the southern leg of the Orontes river valley. In the state creation, Damascus also lost historical territory: a few Muslim communities that became part of Great Lebanon State. The loss of territory was strongly protested by Damascus, as well as by the local populations.

1918: With the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, France takes control of the lands of Lebanon and Syria.
1920 September 3: The state of Damascus is declared.
1922 June 3: A federation is made between the Aleppo State and Damascus. The Alawite State would join few days later.
1924 December 1: The Syrian Federation becomes the state of Syria.

By Tore Kjeilen