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Arabic: zufār

Dhofar landscape during the kharif season.
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Dhofar landscape during the kharif season. Photo: Mary Paulose.

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Dhofar region of Oman

Dhofar region of Oman

Dhofar region of Oman

Region in southern Oman, which is famous for its green and lush nature. Dhofar stretches from Ra's ash-Sharbatat to the border with Yemen, and has an estimated 200,000 inhabitants, with Salalah as the only city of some size.
It is the Salalah plain that runs along the coast of the Arabian Sea, which is of real importance in Dhofar. It is about 65 km long, and its width varies between 1,5 and 10 kilometre. The Salalah plain is the only part of Arabia that is touched by the monsoon, and it has flowing streams all through the year.
Dhofar is the most important agricultural area of Oman, and its produce includes coconuts, alfalfa, sorghum, bananas, vegetables, as well as cattle for milk and meat. However, the most famous product of Dhofar is frankincense.
Dhofar has been inhabited for at least 3,200 years. Between 1963 and 1976 Ohotori tribesmen from Dhofar rebelled against the sultan in Musqat, in what is now known as the Omani Civil War.

By Tore Kjeilen