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Draa Valley
Arabic: wād 'ad-dar¢a

Draa Valley, Morocco

Zagora, Morocco


Draa Valley, Morocco

River valley in southern Morocco, 125 km long.
The Draa Valley is intersected by the Draa River, which has its source in the artificial lake behind the dam of Barrage d'El Mansour-Eddahbi, close to Ouarzazate. Most of the year the water level is low and most of the year the river dries out before reaching the ocean. Draa River ends at the Atlantic Ocean with its outlet north of the town of Tan Tan.
100,000- 200,000 people live along the flood, where there are dozens of villages living of agriculture, principally dates. There are only two real urban centres, the towns of Zagora and Agdz.
Tourism employs an increasing number of inhabitants in Zagora.

By Tore Kjeilen