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Mesopotamia / Religions / Gods and goddesses /
Babylonian and Assyrian religion /

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Ea or Enki.

In Mesopotamian religions, god (and sometimes goddess) of great force and power, being the creator god. He was known as Enki in Sumerian religion, but his name transformed to Ea with Akkadian religion. It was from the Akkadians that he continued into Babylonian and Assyrian religion.
In Babylonian religion, Ea fought against the fresh water, Apsu, when the world was created, and came to be called, Lord of Apsu.
In everyday religion, Ea was the god of ritual purification, of sorcery and incantation. As the god who had given form to things, he was also the god of craftsmen and artists.
Ea was a wise god, and officially he was the advisor to the king. Ea was also the father of Marduk, the national god of Babylonia.

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By Tore Kjeilen