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Enki or Ea.

In Mesopotamian religions, god (and sometimes goddess) of great force and power, being the creator god.
His cult would continue into Hittite religion.
Enki's central position was as a creator, either of the world or of man. He is normally represented as half goat-half fish. It is from this that modern astrology has developed the figure of Capricorn.
It is suggested that the name Enki came from Semitic or Sumerian, and meant "House of Water".
Enki was in earlier religions the local god of Eridu, but developed into a major god. His temple in Eridu was called "House of Apsu." Here there was a tree called kiskanū with branches that were used in special rituals. During the ceremonies, the priests represented Enki, and appeared in robes showing a fish-like figure.

Sumerian religion
In Sumerian religion, Enki was one of a triad together with Anu and Enlil. In the myths Enki is said to have fixed national boundaries, and to have given each god his or her role. According to another myth, Enki is the creator, the one who made humans into slaves of the gods.
Enki was the god over fresh waters, hence the richness of the soil. But he was also the god of wisdom and invocations.

Akkadian, Babylonian and Assyrian religions
From Akkadian religion his name changed to Ea, and more myths were created in his honour. Both Babylonian religion and Assyrian religion would continue the Akkadian concepts.
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