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King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, 1982-2005.
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King Fahd.

King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, 1982-2005.
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An older Fahd.

(1921-2005) King of Saudi Arabia 1982-2005, but due to health issues not acting king since 1995.
Fahd was the 11th son of the founder of the Saudi kingdom, King Ibn Saud. Some of his main issues have been strong economic growth built upon income from oil exports and development of alternative income.
His politics have been open towards the USA. His main opponents have been Islamists in his own country and, in recent years, Iraq's former president Saddam Hussein. Fahd's personal fortune was at its height estimated to exceed US$20 billion.

1921: Born in Riyadh as son of Ibn Saud.
1953: Appointed minister of education.
1960: Resigns as minister of education.
1962: Appointed interior minister.
1967: Appointed 2nd deputy prime minister.
1969: Appointed 1st deputy prime minister.
1975: As Khalid ibn Abdul Aziz becomes king, Fahd is named crown prince.
1981: Fahd introduces a plan for peace in the Middle East which demands that Israel to pull out of occupied territories and abandon all Jewish settlements in the areas. The plan is presented to the Arab League.
1982 June: Fahd becomes king after the death of Khalid.
September: Fahd's peace plan is adopted as the common attitude for the Arab League.
1990 August: Fahd calls for US help in protection against Iraq, after the invasion of Kuwait.
1993 August: A Consultative Council is established.
1995: Fahd has a stroke, and powers are passed over to Abdullah.
1999 May: Fahd is hospitalized twice due to health problems.
2005 August 1: Dies at the hospital from pneumonia and a high fever. He is succeded by his brother, Abdullah.

By Tore Kjeilen