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Arabic: fārūq
Other spellings: Faruq, Farouk, Farouq

King Faruk of Egypt

King Faruk of Egypt

(1920-1965) King of Egypt 1936-1952.
The image of Faruk in the public opinion changed dramatically through his regency. Early in his reign, subjects were optimistic, but he did not mange to cooperate with the opposition (Wafd and the Nationalist Party). At the same time, the Egyptian administration became more and more corrupt and ineffective while Egypt faced serious economic problems. Additionally, he soon became infamous for his life style, involving night clubs and casinos in Europe, sexual affairs and an enormous collection of pornography.

1920 February: Born in Cairo, as son of King Fu'ad 1.
1936: At the death of his father, Ahmed Fuad, Faruk becomes king. He is not yet invested with royal authority.
1938 February: When turning 18, Faruk gets full royal power as king.
1940: With the outbreak of the 2nd World War, Faruk tries to keep Egypt neutral, a position that proves problematic as Egypt had at the same time a military treaty with Britain, along with numerous Italian advisors (Britain and Italy were enemies in this war).
1942: Britain forces Faruk to appoint a pro-British prime minister, which proves to be destructive to Faruk's authority inside Egypt.
1945: Faruk is central in the establishment of the Arab League.
1950: Faruk allows general elections in an attempt to regain his position in the national arena.
1952: After the coup of the Free Officers, Faruk is deposed, and exiled to Italy, together with his family.
1959: Faruk becomes a citizen of Monaco.
1965: Faruk dies in Rome, Italy.

By Tore Kjeilen