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Hamilcar Barca

(c. 270- Helice 228 BCE) Carthaginian general.
Hamilcar was involved with the first Punic War, being the commander of the Carthaginian forces in Sicily. He was active in attacks on the southwestern Italian coast, and drove the Romans away from Marsala on the western tip of Sicily.
After putting down a rebellion among Carthaginian mercenaries in 238, Hamilcar gained strong personal power. Hamilcar began the conquest of Spain in 237, and he planned an attack on Rome with this as his base. Preparing for this attack for the remainder of his life, he paved the ground for the campaign that his son, Hannibal, carried out 10 years after Hamilcar's death. Hamilcar himself would drown while besieging Helice.
His other son, Hasdrubal Barca, also became a noted general.

By Tore Kjeilen