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Hasdrubal Barca

(c. 245- Metaurus (Italy) 207 BCE) Carthaginian general.
Hasdrubal was the son of Hamilcar and brother of Hannibal. Until 218 he was second in command to his brother in Spain. But as Hannibal set out on his campaign towards Italy, Hasdrubal became commander-in-chief.
He resisted Roman attacks in 208, and in 207 he followed in the tracks of his brother in order to bring him reinforcements: First he crossed the Pyrenees, then the Alps.
But the Roman army was now stronger than when Hannibal had come this way 11 years earlier, so Hasdrubal was stopped, and then killed at Metaurus on the northeastern coast of Italy.
Due to the failure of Hasdrubal, Hannibal did not get the aid he needed, and his forces grew gradually weaker, while the Roman forces grew stronger day by day.

By Tore Kjeilen