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In religions, the world of God, gods and other spiritual beings, as opposed to the earth.
The descriptions of heaven denote the difference of the realm of the earth, the earthly world where human beings live; and that above us, the realm out of human reach. Heaven can also be seen as the opposite of the underworld, or Hell as it is understood in many systems, but in reality, it is earth, which is right between heaven and hell that is explained by the qualities of heaven.
In many religious systems the difference between heaven and Paradise is minimal or confusing. In some systems, heaven is understood as the most perfect part of Paradise, where only the few and the most worthy will enter.
Few of the original religious systems seem to define heaven as anything by physical, corresponding to the celestial space. The sun, moon and stars are part of the realm of heaven, elements that represent light, contrasting darkness and evil.

By Tore Kjeilen