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Other spelling: Ilderix

(Around 460-533) Vandal king (523-530).
Hilderic was the first Vandal king to become a Roman Catholic. Reports even tell that he was homosexual, which was not accepted by the society.
During his reign, many Vandals embraced Catholicism, causing many problems with his own nobility, who were Arianists. It helped his relations with the Byzantine Empire, but his internal tensions were his bigger problems.
He did not deal with military operations, leaving this in the hands of other nobles.

Around 460: Born as the son of Huneric and Eudocia, daughter of Roman Emperor Valentinian 3.
523: He succeeds his uncle, King Thrasamund, when he dies.
530: A rebellion led by his cousin Gelimer, in rage over the religious politics, ousts Hilderic from the throne. Gelimer becomes the new king, and Huneric is imprisoned.
533 June: The Byzantine emperor, Justinian 1, sends an army to the Vandal kingdom, officially aimed at reinstating Hilderic. King Gelimer has Hilderic killed.

By Tore Kjeilen