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(?-484) Vandal king (477-484). He referred to himself as king of Vandals and Alans.
Huneric proved to be a much weaker king than his father, Gaiseric. With him conquests came to an end, and internal politics was the main focus.
He lost little of his sea territory, but important parts of the lands corresponding to modern Algeria were lost, thereby cutting his connections with the lands of modern Morocco.
Among his political emphases was suppression of Roman Catholics, and even tried to confiscate property of the church. Eventually, he declared Roman Catholicism heretical. Also the Manichaeans were persecuted during his reign.
Huneric is generally considered to have been an unpopular king.

Early 5th century?: Born as the oldest son of Gaiseric.
484 February 24: Declares Roman Catholics heretics, and some bishops were exiled to Corsica, some others killed.
December 23: Dies, and is succeeded by Gunthamund, his nephew.

By Tore Kjeilen