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Last centuries 3rd millennium-around 1200 BCELast centuries 3rd millennium-around 1200 BCE

Anatolia / Languages
Hurrian language
Hittite: hurlili

Extinct non-Indo-European language of Anatolia, in use from the last centuries of the 3rd millennium BCE until around 1200 BCE.
Hurrian speakers are believed to have entered Anatolia from the region of modern Armenia. Since the beginning of the 2nd millennium BCE, Hurrian was spoken in southeastern Anatolia and northern Mesopotamia. In the middle of the 2nd millennium, Hurrian would spread to the regions of Cilicia and Kizzuwatna.
Hurrian is closely related to Urartian, but the latter is not a direct descendant.
Hurrian texts dating back to ca. 2300 BCE have been found in the Mardin region, 18th century texts near Mari, 14th century texts in Tell el-Amarna, Egypt and in Ugarit. The Amarna text is the most important of these documents, being a letter sent to the Egyptian king, Amenophis 3.
Early research designated Hurrian texts as Mitanni and Subarian. The first corresponds to the kingdom of Mitanni, in which there lived many Hurrian speakers.

By Tore Kjeilen