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Byzantine Empire /
Justin 2
Full name: Flavius Iustinus

(?-578) Byzantine emperor 565-578.
Justin's reign was dominated by loss of territory and influence. He was forced to pay tribute to the Avars, and was unable to interfere when the Lombards conquered Italy.
Internal politics were not much more successful, and he faced many conflicts with provincial governors. He also continued a politics of persecuting of the Monophysites.
Towards the end of his reign, he became insane and effective power was transferred to his general, Tiberius, who later became his successor.

There is no information indicating the time of birth for Justin 2.
565: Appointed emperor, thanks to good allies in the royal court.
573: Invades Persia to assist Christians who were persecuted here. The campaign is unsuccessful, and the Byzantine Empire ended up losing the important fortified city of Dara.
574: Justin begins to show signs of insanity.
578 September 26: Tiberius is crowned emperor, officially ruling the empire together with Justin 2.
October 4: Commits suicide, leaving Tiberius as sole ruler.

By Tore Kjeilen