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Mohammed Khatami

Mohammed Khatami
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Mohammed Khatami. Photo: Andy Carvin.

(Born 1943) President of Iran 1997-2005.
During Khatami's regime, Iran has opened up to the West, and political, cultural and economic ties have been improved. On home ground, Khatami has eased religious sanctions on life styles and cultural activities, as well as opened up for more freedom of speech.
Khatami has all through his life been active in Islamic revolutionary work, and was for many years one of the active members of the revolutionary movement headed by Khomeini.

1943: Born in Ardakan in the Yazd Province, as the son of an important religious leader of Iran.
1961: Starts studying Islamic sciences at the university of Qom.
1974: Marries Zohreh Sadeghi.
1978: Khatami becomes leader of the Islamic Centre of Hamburg, West Germany.
1979: With the Iranian revolution, Khatami returns to Iran.
1980: Khatami is elected member of parliament.
1982: Appointed minister of culture and Islamic guidance.
1992: As a result to negative reactions from conservative leaders of Iran, Khatami resigns from his position as minister.
— Becomes leader of the National Library, as well as cultural advisor to president Rafsanjani.
1997 May: Khatami wins the president elections, by receiving nearly 70% of the votes.
— Khatami appoints a moderate cabinet, which includes a female minister.
2005 August 3: Steps down as president following the popular elections of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

By Tore Kjeilen