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Bishara Khouri
Arabic: bishāra 'al-khuwriyy
Other spellings: Bechara; Khoury

Bishara Khouri.

Bishara Khouri.

(1890-1964) Lebanese president 1943-1952.
In his politics, Khouri was active in cooperating with leaders of all religious groups. To a large extent he succeeded in this act of uniting the nation of Lebanon.
Internationally he ran Lebanon as an Arab nation, loyal to common Arab goals. Lebanon participated in the First Palestinian War from 1948 to 49.

1890: Is born into a Maronite Christian family in Beirut.
1911: Returns from France after having studied law in Paris. He starts a legal practice in Beirut.
1914: Khouri moves to Egypt with the start of World War 1.
1919: Returns to Lebanon, and continues to work as a lawyer.
1923: Is appointed judge.
1927: Khouri is appointed Interior Minister, under the French mandate.
— Is promoted to prime minister.
1929: Steps down as prime minister.
1932: As Khouri is preparing to become president, the French suspend the constitution of Lebanon, stopping Khouri's plans. Khouri reacts with anger, and starts expression clear nationalist opinions.
1936: Khouri campaigns for the presidency, but loses to Emile Edde.
1943 September: As Lebanon gets its independence, Khouri is elected president by the parliament, without opposing candidates.
1949: Khouri makes amendments to the constitution in order to be allowed to run for a second presidency. This is strongly condemned by many groups.
1952 September: Due to popular protest against his taking office for a second term, Khouri is eventually forced to leave office.
1964: Dies.

By Tore Kjeilen