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Arabic: khuwrībqā

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Khouribga, Morocco.
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Khouribga, Morocco.

City in central Morocco with 170,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), on the largely infertile Plateau des Phosphates, west of the Middle Atlas Mountains, at an elevation of 799 metres.
The dominating activities of Khouribga are related to the phosphate deposits of the region, which belongs to the largest in world. There is also some iron-ore mining to the north of the city. The local agriculture produces cereals and raises sheep and goats.
Khouribga is well-connected with other urban centres of Morocco by rail and road. It lies 120 km southeast of Casablanca and 90 km northwest of Beni Mellal.

1921: Exploitation of the phosphate deposits starts, marking the start of Khouribga developing into a large city.

By Tore Kjeilen