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Ancient city of Sumer, southern Mesopotamia, in what today is south-central Iraq. Its location corresponds to modern Tell al-Uhaimar, 12 km east of Babylon and 80 km south of Baghdad.
Kish was divided into two sections, one being the city, the other being the temple area. The main god of Kish was Zababa, Inanna being his consort.
Kish is the home of the oldest surviving extant royal inscription, originating with local king, Mesilim. It tells about border disputes between Kish and the cities of Lagash and Ur. Kish would remain symbolic to Sumer as the cradle of royal legitimacy, and later kings residing in other cities would take the traditional title King of Kish.
The inhabitants of Kish were Semitic speakers.

Kish was an independent city-state early in Mesopotamian history. It is told to have been the first Sumerian city have kings after the deluge.
2660: Kish is defeated by King Gilgamesh of Ur; ending its local dynasty. Kish would remain an important city, but never to regain its independence.

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