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Index / Education
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Universities in Lebanon

Lebanon presently has 24 universities, corresponding to a university density of 1:170,000 inhabitants, placing Lebanon as no. 2 of 22 in the MENA region. Although Lebanon's high university density may appear alarming, the country has a long history of higher education and therefore with the deepest traditions in providing qualified teachers. It is also a country with good foreign relations, interchanging qualified personnel with Western countries.
Beirut is among the cities in the MENA region with the highest university density, 1:100,000 inhabitants, but many Lebanese travel to their capital for higher studies. One reason for the high number of universities is the dividedness of Lebanon, but only to some extent. Only one university is public, most private are run by religious groups, mainly Christian. South of larger Beirut, in the Shi'i dominated regions, there are no universities at all.
The university situation of Lebanon is somewhat unclear. The following universities are liste for the country, but LookLex has not been able to confirm their present existence: Global University; Hawaii University; Honolulu University.
Only 3 Lebanese universities make it to the World Top 6000 list with Webometrics: American University of Beirut is ranked best among these, no. 1716 in the world; Saint Joseph University no. 2947; and Lebanese American University no. 4463. The relatively poor international ranking may well be explained by fact that Lebanon is still in the middle of rebuilding after years of civil war and unrest. In this respect, Lebanon is with 13% of its universities on this list, ranked 13 of 22 in MENA.


  • American University in Beirut. Est. 1866 (until 1920, Syrian Protestant College)
  • American University of Science and Technology. Est. 1994
  • American University of Culture & Education. Est. 1983
  • Arab Open University. Est. 2002
  • Beirut Arab University. Est. 1960
  • Beirut University. Est. unknown
  • Hagazian University. Est. 1955
  • Lebanese American University. Est. 1924. Also with campus in Byblos
  • Lebanese University. Public. Est. 1951
  • Matn University. Est. unknown (1999?)
  • Middle East University. Est. 1939
  • Université La Sagesse. Est. unknown
  • Saint Joseph University. Est. 1875
  • Université Saint-Esprit de Kaslik. Est. 1961. Campuses also in Zahle; Shikka; and Rmaich.
  • Université Antonine. Est. 1961 (formally). Campuses also in Zahle; and Zgharta. Under development, a campus in Mejdlayya.


  • Jinan University. Est. unknown. Also with campuses in Saida and Beirut.
  • Al-Manar University of Tripoli. Est. unknown


  • Lebanese Canadian University. Est. 2001
  • Notre Dame University - Louaize. Est. 1987


  • University of Balamand. Est. 1988

    Hariri Canadian University. Est. 1999

    Islamic University of Lebanon. Est. unknown. Website Arabic only



  • American University of Technology. Est. 1998

    Bekaa Valley

  • Lebanese International University. Est. 2001. Also with campus in Beirut.

  • By Tore Kjeilen