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Byzantine Empire /
Real and official name: Leo

(?-705) Byzantine emperor 695-698.
Leontius' reign was very unpopular, due both to his illegitime coup as well his harsh politics.
He avoided military operations during his reign, which led to the final loss of North African territory, when Carthage fell in 698.

630-660: Born in Isauria, year of birth cannot be set.
— Makes military career, rising to become a general in the army.
686: Leads an army fighting the Arab Muslims in Georgia and Armenia.
693: Looses at the Battle of Sebastopolis, for which he is imprisoned.
695: As Emperor Justinian 2 faces great danger with the Arab Muslims, he frees Leontius to fight them. Instead Leontius turns his army against Justinian.
— Justinian is deposed, and Leontius makes himself new emperor. He orders to have Justinian's nose cut off, and him sent in exile to Cherson, Crimea.
697: Because of Byzantine passivity, Carthage falls to the Arab Muslims. Leontius sends troops to free Carthage, which succeeds at taking the territory back.
698: Byzantine troops are again expelled from Carthage. In fear of Leontius' possible revenge, the troops on their way back to Constantinople organize a rebellion.
698: The rebels lay a siege on Constantinople; eventually the population gives in. Leontius is deposed, mutilated and imprisoned in a monastery. Tiberius 3 becomes new emperor.
705: Justinian returns to power, and has Leontius paraded through the streets of Constantinople before executing him.

By Tore Kjeilen