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Persia / Media /

Men from Media (relief from Persepolis)

People of Media, an ancient country in the lands corresponding to northwestern Iran and the republic of Azerbaijan.
The Medes were of Indo-European origin, and not Semitic, like the Assyrians to the south, who had been the strong people prior to the them.
The Medes spoke a language known as Median, of which almost nothing is known. It is assumed that it had many similarities with the neighbouring Avestan and Scythian languages. It is also suggested that Persians and Medes could communicate with each other, and a number of words in modern Persian are identified as originally from Median.
The Medes are generally assumed to be the forefathers of today's Azerbaijanis, but there are suggestions to links to many Kurdish peoples as well as the Lors.
The Medes formed their own empire in the 7th century BCE, but it would last only about 75 years, before being added to the Persian Empire in 550. In the empire, the Medes were well treated, but would also be partly assimilated with the Persians, as well as have their culture changed until the point, sometime in the 1st centuries BCE or CE, where no Median identity any longer existed.

By Tore Kjeilen