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Sumer. Around 3500-2000 BCESumer. Around 3500-2000 BCE; Akkad. Ca. 2330-ca. 2220 BCESumer. Around 3500-2000 BCEAssyria. Ca. 1850-1760 BCEAssyria. Ca. 1850-1760 BCE; Babylonia. 1792-1595 BCEBabylonia. 1792-1595 BCEAssyria. Ca. 1350-610's BCEAssyria. Ca. 1350-610's BCE; Babylonia. 1120-539 BCEBabylonia. 1120-539 BCE

Mesopotamia / Religions /
Gods and goddesses

Mesopotamian religions were polytheistic, although the pantheons were defined differently from city to city. As religion and politics were closely linked, there were strong forces trying to enforce ones view on the gods qualities and importances on other cities.
But there was never a uniform theology in any Mesopotamian religion. Different gods with overlapping qualities could be revered parallel in different cities, and the political success of one city could determine which god became prominent.
Not included are the pantheons of Amorite religion, nor Kassite religion. Although these were most central in the history of Mesopotamian religions, too little is known about these. Amorite religion merges quickly into Babylonian religion, although we know that the important god, Nabu, came with them.

Sumerian Akkadian Babylonian Assyrian
An Sumerian
Anu Akkadian Babylonian Assyrian
Enlil Sumerian Babylonian Assyrian
Bel Akkadian
Sud Sumerian
Ninlil Sumerian Babylonian
Belit Akkadian
Mullitu Assyrian
Enki Sumerian
Ea Akkadian Babylonian Assyrian
Ninhursag Sumerian Babylonian Assyrian
Belit-ili Akkadian
Sin Akkadian
Nanna Sumerian Babylonian Assyrian
Utu Sumerian
Shamash Akkadian Babylonian Assyrian
Inanna Sumerian
Ishtar Babylonian Assyrian
Ninurta Sumerian Akkadian
Marduk Babylonian
Nabu Babylonian Assyrian
Nergal Babylonian
Meslamtaea Babylonian
Ereshkigal Sumerian Akkadian Babylonian Assyrian
Namtar Sumerian Akkadian Babylonian Assyrian
Dumuzi Sumerian
Tammuz Akkadian Babylonian Assyrian
Ashur Assyrian
Adad Akkadian Babylonian Assyrian
Ishkur Sumerian Babylonian Assyrian
Ramman Akkadian
Ninazu Sumerian
Nanshe Sumerian
Dumuzi-Abzu Sumerian
Dumuzi-Amaushumgalana Sumerian

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