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Town in northwestern Algeria with 40,000 inhabitants (2005 estimate), south of the Dahra Massif and 5 km north of the Chelif River.
Miliana is very much an agricultural town with orchards, vineyards and gardens fed by water from the nearby mountains that usually have snow in winters. Hydroelectric power is used for flour mills, tile factories and other light industries.
The centre of Miliana has an Arab quarter and a French, both of which are surrounded by city walls. The main site in the town is the Mosque of Sidi Ahmed bni Yousef built in Moorish style. His mosque is also the centre of a biannual pilgrimage, celebrating him as a holy man of Islam.

Was the site of the Roman town of Zucchabar.
10th century: Founded by Yussuf Buluggin ibn Ziri, founder of the Zirid Dynasty.
1830s: Comes under control of Abd al-Qadir in opposition to the increasing French occupation of Algeria.
1840: Abd al-Qadir has Miliana burned down instead of surrendering it to the French.
1842: The French take control of Miliana and the surrounding region. Miliana is rebuilt according to French colonial style.

By Tore Kjeilen