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Ancient Morocco

Mzoura, the stone circle from about 3000 BCE. Morocco
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The oldest ruins of Morocco go back to ca. 3000 BCE, about the same time as Egypt entered its dynastic period. The stone circle in at Mzoura northern Morocco, is considered to be a royal tomb.
The Phoenicians arrived in Morocco in the 12th century, creating trade posts. The remains of this era stretch much less back in time. The actual location of a Phoenician settlement that has survived best, Lixus, has preserved mainly Roman structures.
Ancient Moroccan history is one of continous development, but building materials were then, as in later millennias, mudbrick. It can clearly be assumed that many chapters of Moroccan history is lost due to the use of this exposed building material.
The end of Ancient Morocco is usually set with the arrival of the Romans in the late 1st century BCE, and the establishment of the Roman province of Mauretania.

By Tore Kjeilen