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Index / Religions / West Semitic religions

God of death and powers opposed to life and fertility, of sterility and barren places, revered in West Semitic religions, including Canaanite and Phoenician religions.
His name is the West Semitic word for "death", similar to modern Arabic "mawt" and Hebrew "mavet".
Despite being the god of all negative powers, Mot had been the favourite son of El.
Mot represented Baal's main enemy, but the battle of the is central to the stability of nature and fertility. The main myths tell that Mot manages to throw Baal into the netherworld (i.e. kill him), with the result that vegetation dies (equals the heat of summer). But with the help of his sister Anath, Baal manages to return to life, and with this nature returns to fertility (fall, winter, spring).
As part of this resurrection, Mot is killed by Anath.

By Tore Kjeilen