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Town in eastern Turkey with 65,000 inhabitants (2004 estimate) lying on the slopes of Kurtik Mountain, at the mouth of a gorge. It is the capital of Mus province with 450,000 inhabitants (2004 estimate).
Mus is the trade and administrative centre for its region. The industries are small scale, generally serving local needs. The agriculture is limited with only few areas having the necessary conditions. Many of the rural activities are centered around the raising of livestock.
Mus lies on the railway between Elāzig and Tatvan. There are road connections to Erzurum, 140 km north, Bitlis 100 km southeast and Bingöl 100 km west.
Mus has an Armenian castle from the 6th century which now lies in ruins. There are also impressive mosques from the Seljuq period, like the Alaeddin Pasha, the Haci Seref and the Great Mosque. The surrounding area is scenic with lakes and greenery set within high mountains.
Mus has a predominantly Kurdish population.

6th century CE: Founded by the Armenian king, Mushel 1 Mamikonian.
9th century: Comes under Muslim Arab control, and the town is named Tarun.
1515: Falls under the Ottomans, and becomes a part of the empire.
1966: A heavy earthquake destroys much of Mus.

By Tore Kjeilen