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1. Orientations
a. Figures
2. Koran
3. Theology
4. Concept of divine
5. Sharia
6. Muhammad
7. Cult and Festivals
8. Mecca
9. Cultic personalities
10. Caliph
11. Structures
12. Popular religion
13. Others
14. Calendar

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Islam / Caliph / Abbasids /
Arabic: 'al-mu¢tadid

(?-902) Caliph of Islam 892-902, belonging to the Abbasid Dynasty.
Among al-Mu'tadid's greatest challenges was dealing with the many provincial dynasties, sects and factions of his time. In some cases he chose diplomatic means to bridge the gulf; in other cases he resorted to cruel military campaigns. In one case, with the Shi'i branch called Qarmatians, he himself was defeated.
In his dealings with the Kharijis of Mesopotamia, he was successful in taking control, and bringing stability to the region.
He also reorganized the administration and reformed finances.

891: Is appointed heir to al-Mu'tamid, by his father al-Muwaffak, who was the real ruler.
892: al-Mu'tamid dies, and al-Mu'tadid becomes new caliph.
902: Dies, possibly by poisoning. He is succeeded by his son al-Muktafi.

By Tore Kjeilen