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1. Geography
2. Political situation
3. Economy
a. Figures
4. Health
5. Education
a. Universities
6. Demographics
7. Religions
a. Freedom
8. Peoples
9. Languages
10. History
11. Cities and Towns

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Omani 5 rial
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Key figures
GDP per capita
World average: +90%.
MENA rank: 6 of 23.
US$66.9 billion.
MENA rank: 16 of 23.
List of figuresAll other figures
5.5 points of 10 max.
World rank: 39 of 180.
MENA rank: 4 of 21.
Investment friendly
World rank: 57 of 181.
MENA rank: 7 of 21.
Economic freedom
67.0 points of 100 max.
World rank: 43 of 179.
MENA rank: 3 of 19.
Value of Currency
Fixed since 1986:
US$1= 0.3845 Rials
As of 2008, this still applies.

Omani 10 rial
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Omani citizens enjoy good living standards, but the future is uncertain with Oman's limited oil reserves. The other sources of income, agriculture and local industries are small in comparison, and count for less than 1% of the country's exports. Agriculture, often subsistence in its character, is producing dates and limes, grains and vegetables. Less than 1% of the country is under cultivation. But in general, food has to be imported. Fishing is bringing in about 120,000 tons annually, more than 50 kgs/inhabitant. Industries contribute only with 4% of GNP, but there are governmental plans to increase this.
Oil production is extracted and processed by Petroleum Development, which is owned by the Omani governments (60%) and the Royal Dutch Shell (34%), as well as several other oil companies. Oil reserves are limited though, and the proven reserves will run out in few years time. Oman has other mineral resources, like copper, asbestos and marble, but this is little exploited.
There are no railways, and roads are good only in the area with substantial habitation. Close to the capital, there are seaports and an international airport.
Oman has 3 newspapers, of which 1 is issued in English. Oman has high levels on dispersion of telephones, TV-sets and radios.

By Tore Kjeilen