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1. Geography
2. Political situation
3. Economy
a. Figures
4. Health
5. Education
a. Universities
6. Demographics
7. Religions
a. Freedom
8. Peoples
9. Languages
10. History
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Index / Education
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Universities in Oman

Oman presently has 6 insitutions with the status of univeristy, corresponding to a university density of 1:570,000 inhabitants, placing Oman as no. 10 of 22 in the MENA region.
"University college" is a category indicating campuses operating under the supervision of a foreign university: Al Buraimi University College, Buraymi; Majan University College, Musqat; Muscat University College, Musqat; and Sur University College, Sur.
Webometrics places only one university within the World Top 6000 list, the institution which for long was the only one in the nation: Sultan Qaboos University. Although no. 2621 is fairly unremarkable, it is a good position considering that it both is young and the first of the nation. In this respect, Oman is with 17% of its universities on this list, ranked 12 of 22 in MENA.
Oman seems to deliver good results in the field of higher education, finding a good pace in developing from its late start. The country's cooperation with foreign universities is a positive and important contribution to this process.


  • Sultan Qaboos University. Est. 1986
  • Arab Open University. Est. unknown. Website Arabic only
  • German University of Technology in Oman. Est. 2007


  • Nizwa University, Nizwa . Est. 2004
  • Sohar University, Suhar. Est. 1997


  • Dhofar University, Salalah. Est. 2004

  • By Tore Kjeilen