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Ancient Egypt /
1. Introduction
2. Gods
3. Concepts
4. Cult
5. Cult centres
6. Necropolises
7. Structures

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Sa hieroglyph

In Ancient Egyptian Religion, the hieroglyphic sign for protection. It was a popular symbol primarily in the Middle Kingdom.
Its shape is believed to either have come from the papyrus life-vest used by boatmen, or it could be from the shape of the rolled-up reed mat. The shape of the sa has promoted suggestions of a link between it and the ankh (which represent life). Often, when sa is used in decorations, it is paired with the ankh.
The sign, which is rarely found on Egyptian temples walls, was believed to have magical powers. It was therefore popular as amulets and charms.
Sa was associated with many Egyptian gods, especially the protective Taweret and Bes.

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By Tore Kjeilen